2019 CFDCU Board of Directors Election

At the annual meeting on May 2, 2019, incumbents Mike Keffer and L.C. Kelly were elected by acclamation for three year terms.

Have You Moved? Keep Your CU Updated

Sunny skies and springtime flowers are often synonymous with moving day. If the change of season is ushering in a change of address for you and your family, remember to let us know. It's our job to keep you informed, and your financial information safe and secure, but we must have your current information on file in order to do so. In addition to address changes, let us know about any phone number or email address updates as well.

To ensure the utmost security, submit all change of address requests in writing. If you have questions, concerns, or need additional information, feel free to contact us at (704) 375-3950 or stop for a visit. Happy moving!


Hotlines allows you to call the number directly!

The Hotlines number is (704) 375-0221.

Debit and Credit Card Travel Notice

Because of the frequency of fraudulent transactions from certain areas, there are some geographical restrictions in place with our card processor.

Please notify us if you intend to travel out of the country so that we can notify the card processor and hopefully prevent any problems.