CFDCU Mobile on Android

A recent technical issue has resulted in the temporary removal of CFDCU Mobile from the Google Play store. The issue is related to our Google Developer account and does not reflect any problem with the mobile application itself. While the removal of the app will prevent new installations, at this time we are not seeing current users being impacted. We are working to get this resolved and regret the inconvenience it has caused.

Tis' The Season To Practice Debit Card Safety

During the holiday season, we have lots of things on our, friends, shopping, gift-giving, decorating, entertaining, traditions, road trips, celebrations, and all sorts of festivities. Unfortunately, in order to keep our wallets and identities safe during this busy time of year, we should also be aware of phishers, skimmers, hackers, thieves, and their seasonal scams.

Most of us enjoy the convenience of using our debit card during the holidays. Whether obtaining cash from an ATM, making a PIN-based transaction at no charge, or getting cash back at the register, it's undoubtedly a handy tool. However, since it offers instant access to cash, it's important to remember that it leaves us open to theft, especially during the holiday season when we're super busy and somewhat distracted.

You can still take advantage of all that your debit card offers while keeping your info and funds safe and secure. Simply follow our Debit Card Safety Tips for ultimate protection and security during the holidays, and all year round:

  • Track every transaction so you don't overspend.
  • NEVER share your Personal Identification Number (PIN) code, with anyone.
  • Protect your PIN. Avoid writing it down, keeping it in your wallet, or saving it on a computer.
  • Practice ATM safety. Always be alert and go with your gut.
  • Monitor your account by checking frequently.
  • Contact law enforcement immediately if your card has been stolen and be sure to get a copy of the police report. Also make sure to report a lost or stolen card to VISA at the appropriate number.
  • If you lose your VISA Debit Card call (800) 682-6075
  • If you lose your VISA Credit Card call (800) 808-7230


Hotlines allows you to call the number directly!

The Hotlines number is (704) 375-0221.

Debit and Credit Card Travel Notice

Because of the frequency of fraudulent transactions from certain areas, there are some geographical restrictions in place with our card processor.

Please notify us if you intend to travel out of the country so that we can notify the card processor and hopefully prevent any problems.