Updated 12/17/2019 - Fees are subject to change monthly

Shares Dormant Account (Inactive for 12 months) $5 per month
Dormant Shares <$100 Balance (Inactive for 12 months) $4 per month
Excessive Withdrawal Fee (After 2 per month) $10 per item

Certificate of Deposit Penalty for Premature Withdrawal Loss of 90 days dividends

Share Draft / Checking Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) / Check / ACH Return Fee $30 per item
Minimum Balance Fee (if average balance <$200) $4
Stop Payment Fee $15 per request
ACH Stop Payment Setup Fee $10 per item
Copy of Canceled Check / BillPay Check Copy $5 per check
Account Reconciliation / Research $25 per hour
Certified / Official check / Money Order $5 each
Check Printing Fees Dependent Upon Style

Other Services and Fees Statement Copy $5 per copy
Lost, Stolen or Mutilated ATM/Check Card/VISA Credit Card $5 each
Legal Items (Tax Levies, Garnishments, Verifications, etc.) $25 per item
Reissue/Unblock ATM/Debit Card/PIN $5 per request
Undeliverable Address (returned mail) $5 per item
Holiday Account Early Withdrawal $10 each
Wire Transfers - Outgoing Domestic Only $15 per request